Kieron Brimacombe Bio

KieronBrimacombe_250Email Address:

Cell Number: 310 956-8791

Coaching Qualifications:

  • USSF E License
  • NSCAA License
  • F.A. National Coaching License
  • F.A. National Goalkeepers License
  • F.A. Learning Safeguarding Children
  • USSF E License
  • NSCAA Qualified Instructor
  • Coach Education Instructor
  • University of Gloucestershire BSc Sports Coaching and Science

Current Teams Coaching:
Boys 2007
Boys 2008


My philosophy on Soccer very much looks at the greatest teams and systems in world soccer, and how we can translate these in to youth soccer. I try and instill a natural need and want for the ball in each of my players. I believe that possession of the ball is the key to success on the field. In order to keep possession of the ball, I try and instill confidence in each of my players in their on the ball ability through repetition of skills and touches of the ball.

Developing an environment in which each player, no matter on their personality (intrinsic/extrinsic) feels safe to express themselves both at practice and at games is integral to the project. Without making mistakes, and their own decisions these players will never be able to fully express themselves and play to their full ability. I am a big believer in the use of guided discovery as a coaching tool, allowing my players to make their own mistakes without me telling them, will help them in their future soccer careers!

Youth soccer is a memorable and rewarding experience for every player, and it is vital that with each practice session and game, the players leave having learnt new skills and techniques and importantly had FUN.