The vision of the Beach Futbol Club is to develop players through superior technical and tactical soccer training, provide quality fields for practice and competitions, and to recruit and retain the best soccer talent in Long Beach and South Bay areas. With this, Beach Futbol Club aims to be recognized as a club promoting good sportsmanship, good values, and having fun while being very competitive.


Beach Futbol Club is dedicated to the development of our community’s youth through competitive soccer and paid professional trainers. We are committed to a program of structured and individual skills training and team game play, including health and conditioning for each player. Our development method is to provide each player with the physical, intellectual, and emotional training necessary to meet the challenges of competitive soccer. Our goal is to have each player experience, individually and as a team, the commitment and dedication necessary to achieve the player and teams’ fullest potential through measured growth.

Beach Futbol Club is committed to building a long-term relationship with our players, their families, and our community. We are an equal opportunity organization providing community youth the access to play on competitive soccer teams operating and insured with the California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA South) and the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) rules and regulations.


Beach FC is one of the largest non-profit club soccer organizations in Southern California with over 65 boys and girls teams representing over 1,500 families. We operate in a geographic area that spans from Long Beach (and surrounding communities to the South) to the Torrance and Redondo Beach areas.  Since 2008 the club has been under the direction of Mauricio Ingrassia has experienced tremendous growth in addition to developing many teams that are competing at the national level. He has been able to implement a vision of staged development that focuses on individual skills and tactics at the younger ages transitioning to team strategy as players mature. All coaching staff embrace this approach and participate in regular training to ensure consistency across our organization.

Recreational soccer leagues (like AYSO) introduce a tremendous number of youth to the sport of soccer. Club soccer is for those players desiring a higher level of training and competition. Beach FC provides professional training and coaching to boys and girls, ages 8 – 19. Most of our coaches have advanced coaching licenses and have played collegiate or professional soccer while others coach at the college level.

Beach FC is part of the Southern California Developmental Soccer League (SCDSL) which has as members a select few of the very best clubs. A principal of the SCDSL and embraced by Beach FC is that the primary focus needs to be on development as opposed to winning, especially at the early ages. Therefore SCDSL has fewer brackets to remove the spotlight from “winning at all costs” just to move from bronze to silver to gold divisions. Within each age group, we have numerous teams to ensure that there is a good match for the competitive level of each player. Beach FC recently was accepted as a member of National League Soccer. Participation in these leagues assures our teams of having the very best competition and opportunities for recognition. Beach FC alumni often continue their competitive soccer careers in college.

While Beach FC has had a particular strength with developing girls teams, significant investments have been made in expanding our boys program. In 2012 Beach FC became the exclusive partner of Chivas USA in the South Bay area, a Major League Soccer team that plays at the Home Depot Center. This partnership provides training opportunities for our coaching staff as well as competition with the Chivas Academy Program.

Beach FC manages and supports a team in the Women’s Premier Soccer League, the highest competitive league in the country. This team plays May through July and has a roster that includes elite collegiate and professional players.

Beach FC is managed by a volunteer board of directors comprised of professionals from all walks of life. They bring both management experience and a love of soccer and share Coach Ingrassia’s goal of building the best club soccer organization in Southern California. We strive to provide a great developmental experience for our players who can compete successful at the local and national level. We also aim to promote the joy of the beautiful game to our member families and the community.