Announcing Olders Tryout Information for 2018–2019

We are excited to share our olders tryouts for the upcoming year!

Please contact our olders coaches directly for tryout details — click on their name below to send an email. They will get back to you and figure out a time and day that works best for your schedule:



2000 Boys: Benny Artiaga
2000 Girls: Dalton Kaufman

2001 Boys: Jesus Gutierrez
2001 Girls: Pat Rossi

2002 Boys: Benny Artiaga
2002 Girls: Steve SolerPat Rossi

2003 Boys: Benny Artiaga
2003 Girls: Joey Sudyka, Sal Marroquin

2004 Boys: Benny Artiaga
2004 Girls: Dalton Kaufman




2000 Boys: Mark Hodson
2000 Girls: Joe Flanagan

2001 Boys: Mark Hodson
2001 Girls: Jeff Tuttle

2002 Boys: Nacho Lopez
2002 Girls: Jeff Tuttle, Javier TorresSteve Chirgwin

2003 Boys: Nacho Lopez, Drew Rea
2003 Girls: Kenyon Lohn, Gerry Pineda, Phil FisherBrian Lopez

2004 Boys: Angel Ayala, Eric Cahalan, Danny Pena
2004 Girls: Phil Fisher, Kevin Pineda, Marc Milner, Tommy Osborne

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