Beach FC – Winter Development Leagues


With US Soccer presenting the new “Player Initiative Plan,” which has been designed for the long-term success and development of youth soccer players across the country. Beach FC is excited to announce the launch of it’s BEACH FC WINTER DEVELOPMENT LEAGUES which will be hosted in two locations with one in the South Bay and one in Long Beach.

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The Winter Development League is structured and delivered with the goal of developing more confident, skillful and smarter players, from the earliest ages in alignment with the US Soccer guidelines.

The program incorporates the recommended 4 v 4 format in the youngest age groups, which provides ALL PLAYERS with an increased opportunity to touch the ball and make their own decisions on the field, in both the attacking and defending phases. We add a goalkeeper as the age groups progress to replicate the game.

Beach FC’s Winter League Program is exclusively facilitated by our own Beach FC professional youth soccer coaches, in a developmentally appropriate environment, designed to maximize each player’s experience.

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1. The League will be open to all players aged 5 – 10 years of age.
2. The Development League will run on weekends for 7 weeks. With each specific age group playing at the same allotted time every week for ease of scheduling.
3. Players are assigned to squads of 6/7 players with friends able to sign-up as complete teams to play together each week.
4. Before each game players will be invited to train with our BEACH FC Skill trainers, to develop the technical skills required to enjoy and master the game.
5. The League will be fast paced, competitive but most of all fun. We want our player’s to enjoy every second of their experience on the field, and feel like an integral part of our Organization.