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The Beach FC College Prep Program is an ongoing program, available to high school age players within the club. Heading the College Prep Program is Jeff Joyner. Coach Joyner has assisted club level players find college matches for the past fifteen years as a club coach. He also has the unique benefit of having been a part of the recruiting process as a former player, high school coach, club coach, Division II college coach, and as a Division I college coach. It is with those perspectives and experience, that he is able to assist players in finding a college program that matches their needs on several different levels.

One of the goals of the Beach FC College Prep Program is to engage both players and parents in the recruiting process. The club playing experience is family wide, and the recruiting process is no different. The College Prep Program is a resource to help guide players and parents, but individual success comes from hard work from both players and parents.

One major tool that every EVERY high school aged player at Beach FC will have available to them for no cost is a subscription to College Fit Finder. Beach FC is very excited to partner with the College Fit Finder to provide our players with a competitive advantage over a typical student-athlete navigating the recruiting process. This comprehensive system allows for individuals to take ownership of their future by equipping them with tools necessary to find a home at the college level. As a club, Beach FC is committed to not only player development, but truly being a catalyst in helping our players fulfill their dreams of playing collegiate soccer and accessing higher education. The College Fit Finder will provide a uniformity to the club’s recruiting efforts and will allow for our coaching staff to take a much more personal approach in helping our athletes throughout the process.

a. Player Features include:

i. College Search: Find schools that a great match for you based off of academics, athletics, location, cost, enrollment, major, campus setting, schools type, and/or religious setting
ii. Favorites List: Save schools to your favorites list to continuing researching
iii. Correspondence Tracking: Track and organize all of your communication with every college program
iv. Calendar: See all of your communication with all colleges in a calendar view
v. College Calculator: Decide which school is right for you by comparing colleges side by side
vi. Beach FC Branded Player Profile: Send to college coaches to review your information.

b. Coach/Admin Features

i. Online Team Website: College Coaches can view all player’s individual profiles from one screen
ii. Printable Team Brochures: Push one button and create a Beach FC Team brochure to hand to College Coaches at your showcases.
iii. Monitor Player Activity: Beach Staff Coaches have access to see how proactive each player is being and can better facilitate a player’s individual process.

The College Prep Program will have a College Fit Finder meeting once a year. The College Prep Program will also have quarterly meetings for players and parents to discuss the recruiting process. Jeff Joyner will lead these meeting and discuss everything from academics, timelines, emails, recruiting rules, camps, showcases, scholarships, and anything else that is involved in the recruiting process. The meetings will be held at the Double Tree Hotel in Carson, a perfectly centralized location for all Beach FC families. We encourage both parents and players to attend, as well as bring a paper and pen as there is a lot of information presented. The meetings are lecture and discussion format, so you can feel confident that you will have all your questions answered.

Another function of the College Prep Program will be setting up “Beach FC Days” at local colleges. Going out and watching the next level is valuable research into seeing where they might fit in athletically. Many players and parents do not accurately self-evaluate, mainly because they do not have a good point of reference. By making parents and players aware of quality local college games, hopefully we hope to help with their research.

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