Coach: Cheyenne Spade

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About the Team
Beach Futbol Club is an elite women's soccer team representing the Southern California communities of Greater Long Beach, the South Bay, and Orange County. Beach Futbol Club provides the opportunity for the nation's top caliber athletes to compete at a national level en route to national team and/or professional careers. The team will be led by Cheyenne Spade, who has 6 years of D1 experience as the assistant coach at Long Beach State as well as professional experience playing overseas. She has experience as a player in the WPSL and can't wait to start her first season coaching our WPSL team.

The team has dominated the conference, capturing four of the last six conference titles it competed for. The expectation is always high at Beach, and the team is a place to find many members of our past and present Beach Family.


About the Coaching
Coach: Cheyenne Spade

Type of Players

Our roster consists of elite college players and/or graduates, players with USA or Foreign National Team experience, ex-professional players, and elite youth players from the Beach Futbol Club organization.



Long Beach State, UCLA, USC, Wake Forest, Cal Berkeley, Notre Dame, Pepperdine, LMU, CS Fullerton, Univ. of Michigan, Texas Tech, Florida State, Univ. of Arizona, Penn, NC State, SF State, Sonoma State, Univ. of Hawaii, Univ. of  Washington, Univ. of Cincinnati, Concordia-Irvine, Colorado State, etc.

Player Tryouts: Beach Futbol Club tryouts are by invitation only.  If interested, please contact coach Cheyenne Spade at